Making of this website

This website was originally an AngularJS project. I wrote it while learning AngularJS back in 2016. Since then I've tired of having to relearn Angular JS, and I'm sure not going to rewrite it in a new framework given that AngularJS is now out of support.

So I rewrote most of it in Pure CSS. This website does not and will never use JavaScript. Not because I think it's bad on the web, but this is a blog / portfolio, and I don't want to deal with the maintenance upkeep that anything more than HTML+CSS has. I also refused to use any CSS frameworks. It meant that writing the navbar took more than a couple months because I suck at CSS, but it means I never need to touch it again. No updating frameworks here. I do enough of that at my real job.

As for how this website is updated, I write the HTML files directly and copy the template located at /template.html. It's primitive, and it's a pain if I need to update the template, but that's rare and I can't be bothered to improve it beyond that because adding build steps adds more upkeep than it saves in avoiding copying templates around.

I've considered doing more fancy things with this website than a plain HTML+CSS website. I do have some pretty good ideas, all things considered. But in the end I just wanted a plain website I could put thoughts like this one up and have nobody read. If you've read this far, congratulations!

If you are still interested in how this website works, the source code is open source at GitHub. But it's not like that really matters, given that this website isn't even compressed/minified. Just Save -> Save As -> Page Source. I'll eventually get around to releasing some of this code as MIT or somesuch, but you probably shouldn't be using my code anyway.